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OPJS University offers a wide spectrum of programmes that are recognized globally. Apart from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes, the University also provides Certificate and Polytechnics-Diploma level Programmes that impart skills, knowledge, competence & expertise. The quality education with ultra-modern facilities and equipments that the University offers is within the reach of every income-group considering the reasonable and rational Fee structure.

International citizens, PIO (Persons of Indian Origin), OCI (Overseas Citizens of India), NRI (Non-Resident Indian) and NRI sponsored candidates can apply under the International/ NRI category. These candidates are not required to take the entrance examinations as conducted for resident Indian candidates.


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Project Based Learning

Working on real-world projects allows students to develop experience and skills. They have the ability to investigate real-world problems.

Personality Development

All students engage in several training sessions on soft skills, etiquettes, presentation skills, personal hygiene, and other topics.

Research & Development

Students are encouraged to conduct study under the supervision of eminent faculty members at various locations. Following that, the results are integrated into the normal studies.

Teaching Methodology

A variety of other approaches such as web-based learning, live simulation activities, and project work are promoted to improve the effectiveness and enjoyment of information delivery.

Holistic Development

Via Yoga, Meditation, Taekwondo, Swimming, Wrestling, and Art of Living workshops, our University focuses on holistic development of the students.

Case Based Pedagogy

Case-based learning improves students' analytical and problem-solving skills, allowing them to apply them in a variety of management environments.

Rich Intellectual Pool

Faculty members share their business expertise and the gist of their study with students, ensuring that this knowledge transfer is a fruitful and indelible experience for the scholars.

Student Driven Societies & Clubs

Many Societies and Clubs, such as Dance Society, Quiz & Debate Society, Sports Society, and others, are available to help students prepare, monitor, and organise events.

Cosmopolitan Environment

Students from all over the world compete in a cross-cultural and cosmopolitan setting to build competencies that will help them realise their dreams of a successful career.

Our Attributes

Academic Options

Go for a career that suits you by researching a topic that interests you. Choose from a diverse range of courses! Allow your mind to be unravelled by the joys of learning.

Job Placement

Begin your career by working for a reputable company. We work with the human resources departments of many of these companies on a daily basis.

Great Infrastructure

The University is designed to help every young mind develop into a strong competitor in today's world. The research and study centres perform admirably in this regard.

Other Amenities

The OPJS students have access to accommodations that are up to par with international standards along with health center, swimmimg pool, gymnasium, security, etc.

Seeking For Apply Scholarship?

The University offers merit-based scholarships, and scholarship renewal is subject to the University's terms and conditions, which include attendance record, improvement, and good character and behaviour. 

Scholarship available for all courses (upto 75% on tuition fee)



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International Features


International partnerships between universities are beneficial to all, from the staff and students to the world as a whole. To improve the student experience, faculty development and contributions, and the effects of our study, OPJS forms collaborations with outstanding academic and other institutions around the world. Collaborations with our international colleagues are critical to our global activities' progress. Our institutional partnerships should reflect our institutional values, such as a dedication to high-quality teaching and science, as well as fiscal and operational accountability.


  • Enriching Blend of Cultural Diversity
  • An “Incredible India” Learning Experience
  • Student Friendly Cost of Living
  • Global Recognition of Education
  • Start up India : Promoting student innovation


Every student, irrespective of the department, has to compulsorily take courses in humanities, languages (especially English) and social sciences. The language laboratory is very useful for assessing students' speech. It provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. The electronic devices used in the laboratory will stimulate the eyes and ears of the learner to acquire the language quickly and easily. The language laboratory assists educators in delivering foreign language instruction, and has been through many developmental stages over the years.

Ph.D fellowship programmes

The research wing of the Institute is complemented with a strong faculty contingent and a number of Ph.D. research scholars, who work on various fields of management and social sciences as well as on identified thrust areas of research. Conducted twice a year, UGC-NET is the national level eligibility test for students to pursue PhD programs at recognised Indian institutions. The students qualifying the exam stand a chance to get a fellowship for their research in their respective fields. The programme, that is aimed at enhancing the ‘cultural diversity’ on the OPJS campuses is A joint initiative of the Human Resource Development and the Ministry of External Affairs.