For leaders in higher education looking to transform their institutions, OPJS University offers the opportunity for students to incorporate practice-based research into their professional lives while completing a doctoral thesis that explores an educational organizational challenge. This coursework, combined with connections to faculty members and fellow Ph D & D Litt students, will help prepare leaders to develop the plans and make the decisions that set up their institutions for long-term success.

University leaders and partnerships are responsible for identifying, promoting, and developing student leadership abilities. Stakeholders are important members of the university's leadership team. Alumni, community leaders/supporters, faculty, staff, students, and parents are often mentioned as stakeholders. Volunteering, internships in experiential programmes, joint activities as group ventures, engagement in civic activities, assisting faculty in conducting seminars and university evaluation, and collaborating with other students to build a community of inclusive learners on different tasks are all resources provided by students' early participation in leadership activities. Students are now expected to demonstrate good time management, set goals, create meaningful relationships, use effective conflict resolution skills, display an interest in assisting others in developing their leadership skills, participate in community action activities, and foster understanding and respect among racial and ethnic groups.